New reality transmission

Today at 11.11 p.m. and than 11 days in a row people will envision the world as it is supposed to be. Wake up and join, share with your friends! The group of physics is working on proving that conscious exists also outside of the body. We can envision the world as a place where everybody will be able to live the life of their dreams, the world of peace, connectedness and bliss!

So happy!!!


The Art of Deliberate Creation

If you’ve seen movie The Secret or if you are researching the Laws of Universe, you’ve heard that expression probably many times already. Huh. It sounds really something scientific, doesn’t it? Well, it is really simple: Deliberate Creation is creating whatever you want in life with the help of the Law of Attraction. It is conscious creation of the reality you are living in.

We are all creators of our lives, our realities – regardless we are aware of that or not. You see some people which are natural deliberate creators – simply put – they get everything they want – no matter if they do this conciously or not. Others, me included, are struggling in life and  from here and there they are getting the glimpses of what might seem like miracle, synchronism or as many are explaining – coincidences.

In my life there was too many of such “coincidences” and synchronism, that’s why I began to study what could this be all about. 🙂  If I am really interested in something, I go to the end – until I uncover all “secrets”.  And guess what I found? We can create everything we want by engaging our mind, feelings and body! What a discovery!

Many times I was told – already as a teenager: ” Everything is in the head!” “Yes, sure!” I replied having no clue what this means. Now, after years and years of exploring so called self-development and spiritual literature, trying all sorts of techniques, attending workshops etc., I had this instant AHA moment, when I fully recognized, what meant the words, people were saying.

First step to deliberate creation is to 100% accept the fact, that you are the source of everything what is and what is not in your life. Phew! Hard job for some, maybe? No, others are not guilty for what is happening to you, I’m sorry. You created everything with your prevailing thoughts, feelings and vibration. I will explore the Art (it is the art in fact :)) of Deliberate Creation in this blog as well as provide the inspiration to all people, who are already aware of the facts, I am talking about, but would like to learn more. And sure I invite all people who would like to have it all, to stay tuned. XOXOX

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