Living intentionally

Are you living your life on an auto-pilot with thinking, that things are happening to you? You might think that this is your reality. The truth is, that you are creating your reality with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes – from inside out. Your life is created THROUGH you. It really helps if we are 100% aware of this.

If we are, we start to observe our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes towards people and things, our expectations (yes, that #&%# thing happened again, I told you it will be so!!).

Lately I became aware how unintentionally I live. So I started this week with setting the intentions in the morning, each day, when I wake up: “This will be a perfect day!” I say and expect this with a real confidence and belief.

When I sit in the car I sit in with the intention: “This  will be a perfect ride and I will come from Kamnik to Ljubljana quickly as usually.” I’m cathing the green wave of traffic lights, traffic is running without any roadblocks or congestions. Of course I was expecting that, when setting the intention.

I am setting the intentions to get the parking space on the parking lots full of cars in the evenings and I go even that far that I point out in which parking lot I want to park. And oh yes, the parking spaces are always waiting for me, exactly where I want. I became very good at this. And this was my first exercise to prove myself how we can envision everything we want, get everything we can think of – with the power of our minds, with a positive expectations and belief, that we’ll get that. I found this exercise in Brian Tracy’s book Thinking Big: The Keys to Personal Power and Maximum Performance.

This is how I created two job offers at the same time in two different companies for exactly the same monthly payment. Both were really cool at that time so I had difficulties to decide which one to take.  😉

And my days are perfect! Broken relationships started to build back, existing relationships are becoming better and better….

You can use setting the intention for everything! Before important meeting – set the intention what you would like the meeting to be (productive, peaceful, friendly, etc.), maybe you are anxious when getting on the party  – just set the intention that it will be FUN (or whatever you want).

Yes, I remember those times going to the party with the prevailing thought (this was actually the intention): “And nobody will want to dance with me…” Guess what… I ended attending those parties, because really nobody asked me to dance. Oh my… I didn’t know that, what I know today. Hehe, my parties are full of all night dancing now!! Love that!

Try with little things to convince yourself in the magic of intentions setting and deliberate creation. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t succeed at first. You will build that muscle with the practice.

I commit myself to live more intentionally. Right now I am creating the intention to calling in the One. 😛 Will keep you posted.



What is the Law of Attraction?

At conscious creation we are employing the Law of Attraction. You ever wondered, what the heck is this?

The Law of Attraction says: ” Like attracts like.” And as everything in its smallest particle is energy (our bodies, the chair, you are sitting on, computer you are typing on, your thoughts are the form of finest energy) and energy vibrates with different frequencies – the Law of Attraction matches the things/people, who have the same vibration.

In other words, the Law of Attraction brings you exactly the things, people and experiences which match your vibration.

That’s why usually when “bad things” start to happen to us, this doesn’t stop and we get only more of “bad”. It so called  downward spiral. Of course, we have also upward spiral – things are going well, maybe even great, we are happy, grateful and in different vibration (as the opposite of when we are in backwards spiral) and we are getting plenty of good stuff in our lives.

So our only job is to take care of our vibration. When we feel, we could be in downward spiral, we should put in conscious effort to find at least one good feeling thought and hang on it until we feel our vibration improved.

Before I was aware of LOA (Law of Attraction) my life would go like this:

1. my dog dies….. I am feeling really down, depressed and blaming people around me that they didn’t do anything to save him

2. next thing which happened, was a car accident…. how far things will go actually (was my thinking)? Luckily I wasn’t really injured – I got some bruises, nothing more.

3.  I had my wisdom tooth pulled out (this was neccessary actualy because of the lack of the space in my jaw) and they advised me to eat a lot of ice cream. Of course I did this more than necessary and got a pneumonia.

4. Ok. Here it actually stoped. Pneumonia provided me enough rest and sleep, I relaxed, let things go and continue with everyday life on  somewhat higher vibe.

Now, I am aware of the Law of Attraction I do it like this (this is true story, it is hard to talk about it, but it is really good example):

My father died two months ago. Tomorrow it will be (would be) his 70th birthday. In all the shock, anger, grief and sadness I was going through, I found one good thought: “At least he didn’t suffer long.” I felt relief. Next good thought was: “We never really die. Energy can’t be destroyed, he is still with us but not in physical form.”

I hanged on (still do) these thoughts and what I experienced was tremendous love, support, connectedness, inspiration and insights. On physical level – money began to pour in, new business clients, new friends, new business opportunities.

What matters the most is that you feel good. Ok – in circumstances as described above, you can not feel good, but at least find something what makes you feel better.

The Art of Deliberate Creation

If you’ve seen movie The Secret or if you are researching the Laws of Universe, you’ve heard that expression probably many times already. Huh. It sounds really something scientific, doesn’t it? Well, it is really simple: Deliberate Creation is creating whatever you want in life with the help of the Law of Attraction. It is conscious creation of the reality you are living in.

We are all creators of our lives, our realities – regardless we are aware of that or not. You see some people which are natural deliberate creators – simply put – they get everything they want – no matter if they do this conciously or not. Others, me included, are struggling in life and  from here and there they are getting the glimpses of what might seem like miracle, synchronism or as many are explaining – coincidences.

In my life there was too many of such “coincidences” and synchronism, that’s why I began to study what could this be all about. 🙂  If I am really interested in something, I go to the end – until I uncover all “secrets”.  And guess what I found? We can create everything we want by engaging our mind, feelings and body! What a discovery!

Many times I was told – already as a teenager: ” Everything is in the head!” “Yes, sure!” I replied having no clue what this means. Now, after years and years of exploring so called self-development and spiritual literature, trying all sorts of techniques, attending workshops etc., I had this instant AHA moment, when I fully recognized, what meant the words, people were saying.

First step to deliberate creation is to 100% accept the fact, that you are the source of everything what is and what is not in your life. Phew! Hard job for some, maybe? No, others are not guilty for what is happening to you, I’m sorry. You created everything with your prevailing thoughts, feelings and vibration. I will explore the Art (it is the art in fact :)) of Deliberate Creation in this blog as well as provide the inspiration to all people, who are already aware of the facts, I am talking about, but would like to learn more. And sure I invite all people who would like to have it all, to stay tuned. XOXOX

Hello world!

Testing, testing! The Universe, do you hear me? 🙂

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