Change your story, change your life

During the time we create many stories about different areas of our lives: relationships, money, our own abilities, our own worth, body, talents, life in general, other people etc. We’ve been and are influented by our parents, colleagues, media and society as such.

Let me list some stories I’ve heard lately from my friends, relatives, colleagues:

I am nobody. Those women are always picking up on me and they have something against me. My life has no meaning. Life is sad. I am afraid that…. I am concerned that…. They don’t appreciate me. They don’t see the real value of me. Who would ever pay for my services? I’m so bored. I am alone. I’m too old. The times will be even worse. Add your story: _______________________________________


There is plenty of similar stories going on in our heads. Maybe we are not even aware of them. Now look around. How do our lives look like? Not surprisingly, exactly in alignment with above stories, right? Universe is really kind and gives us everything that matches each and every our thought.

Do you ever ask yourself, what will you get in the future? According to The Law of Attraction – if we stick to old stories, more of the same. But we are so powerful, we are co – creators of life and all that is. Let take a stand and 100% responsibility for creation of our life. Let’s start changing our story!

What if above stories would sound like:

I am so unique and with my special set of skills I am as valuable as everybody else. I provide value just with that that I am. I create harmonius and peaceful relationship with myself and anybody I meet in my life. I know that my life is meaningful. Life is exciting and beautiful. I know this will work out good for everybody involved. I appreciate myself and others are mirroring the same appreciation back to me. I value myself and others value me just as I am. There are plenty people out there who need and are prepared to pay for my products and services. I’m really excited about developing existing projects and starting new ones. I am profoundly connected with everybody and everything in my life. At each age in my lifetime I am old just enough to get new experiences, to learn new things, to meet new people, to create whatever I want. At each point in time and in every moment I have a power to create my life and I accept full responsibility for what I create.

How do new stories feel compared to old ones? Great? Empowering? Create NEW, positive and better feeling stories for areas of your life where you feel the change would be welcomed. It is important, that you repeat new stories every day, as often as possible – only with the repetition the new thought will sit in and start changing your soroundings and life to better.

Now imagine that it is the year 2012 and you are telling how great the year 2011 was to your friend. Let your imagination fly and don’t stop yourself in any sense. What you really want in 2011? Write your story NOW!

To your success and to hearing about yours magical and miraculous year 2011!


Love , hughs and sparkles!







You are amazing just the way you are!

I bet you enter many conversations in which people are pointing at themselves or others with: »I have to lose weight.« »I am too…that and too this.«» My this is too big and my that is too small.« Do you? Implicit to every such conversation is that »there is something wrong with me/you« – regardless you are a man or a woman.

Sure I was there too. Until lately, when I discovered, how judgmental I am, not just towards others – especially towards myself.

I have to do that and that… than I will be ok. I should be like that and that… than I might be ok. And although I could made every and each of shoulda, woulda, coulda, it continues like wicious cycle. I’m never ok.

Beating ourselves, because we are not like our friend, neigbour, coworker, father, mother, because we don’t have big titles, a lot of money, bodies as models featured in fashion magazines or whatever is your perception of success and looking good, doesn’t serve us well.

Comparing yourself with anybody other than yourself is counterproductive. You, your progress on your personal journey is the only thing that counts. Are you more confident today than you were two years ago? Is your self – respect today on higher level than it was decades ago? Are you earning more money than you did in the past? Have you better support net and closer relationships to your beloved as months ago? Are you better at articulating your feelings and needs today than two weeks ago?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, than you HAVE to be proud. On yourself. A nice tap on the shoulder and congratulations.

This is the only thing it counts. And a way which brings you happiness.

Are you able to love your belly, your nose, your head with hair running away from it, your lovely rounded back, your O shaped legs, your scars, your »flaws«? When you’ll be able to embrace every and each part of you – physical and non – physical – with love, kindness and respect, the miracles in your life will start to unfold.

Love inside – love outside. Are you still looking for the love on all the wrong places?

I am telling you: »You are amazing just the way you are!«

Start loving yourself today – it is never to late… step by step – you will transform your life from inside out.

This lovely inspiration for today’s post goes to Bruno Mars’ song – which I hear on the radio quite often lately. Thank you for the kind reminder, Universe!



Swearing is not nice but helps things let go

Yesterday I bumped with my back in the attick door. It was hurting like a hell and I admit at such times I am swearing like the one eyed pirate sailing the oceans (I saw that in the movies, don’t know if it is true :)). Although some might say, that talking like this is not appropriate for a nice lady as I am – I don’t care – swearing helps me let things go. In this case I was swering for a minute or even more, massaging my back and leaning on the door. Hey, it helped me that pain was bearable!

Also in  the world of deliberate creation, you have to let things go. I don’t like words like: have, must, should, because they imply kind of pressure and feeling of obligation. But as far I studied The Law Of Attraction, letting go is a must thing. 🙂

Being attached to the outcome, whatever that is: getting a raise,  a  job, new client, parking space, new friends, selling a house etc. shows to the Universe, that behind your “order” there is a fear of lack, fear that you’ll not get what you want. And The Universe matches that need behind not what you think you “think”. Attachment looks like you are thinking about that thing all the time and there is also a feeling of neediness present.

Just remember, when the things happen – when you release the attachment, when you forget (but not give up) about your cosmic order. Look back at your life and recall your manifestations. Getting money when you completely forgot about it, meeting a new love, when you just had fun in life without “seeking” for the one, getting parking lot – phew, exactly where you intented to find it and so on.

Let go, let go. Sometimes it helps if you simply f*** it!

If you have your own recipes for letting things go, please share them: I would love to have more tools in my manifesting tool box.


p.s. Ah, the same goes for complaining – if it helps to let things go, just do it. (although I would be suspicious about your belief, when it is a constant complaint, but more on this topic next time).

Hello world!

Testing, testing! The Universe, do you hear me? 🙂

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