You are amazing just the way you are!

I bet you enter many conversations in which people are pointing at themselves or others with: »I have to lose weight.« »I am too…that and too this.«» My this is too big and my that is too small.« Do you? Implicit to every such conversation is that »there is something wrong with me/you« – regardless you are a man or a woman.

Sure I was there too. Until lately, when I discovered, how judgmental I am, not just towards others – especially towards myself.

I have to do that and that… than I will be ok. I should be like that and that… than I might be ok. And although I could made every and each of shoulda, woulda, coulda, it continues like wicious cycle. I’m never ok.

Beating ourselves, because we are not like our friend, neigbour, coworker, father, mother, because we don’t have big titles, a lot of money, bodies as models featured in fashion magazines or whatever is your perception of success and looking good, doesn’t serve us well.

Comparing yourself with anybody other than yourself is counterproductive. You, your progress on your personal journey is the only thing that counts. Are you more confident today than you were two years ago? Is your self – respect today on higher level than it was decades ago? Are you earning more money than you did in the past? Have you better support net and closer relationships to your beloved as months ago? Are you better at articulating your feelings and needs today than two weeks ago?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, than you HAVE to be proud. On yourself. A nice tap on the shoulder and congratulations.

This is the only thing it counts. And a way which brings you happiness.

Are you able to love your belly, your nose, your head with hair running away from it, your lovely rounded back, your O shaped legs, your scars, your »flaws«? When you’ll be able to embrace every and each part of you – physical and non – physical – with love, kindness and respect, the miracles in your life will start to unfold.

Love inside – love outside. Are you still looking for the love on all the wrong places?

I am telling you: »You are amazing just the way you are!«

Start loving yourself today – it is never to late… step by step – you will transform your life from inside out.

This lovely inspiration for today’s post goes to Bruno Mars’ song – which I hear on the radio quite often lately. Thank you for the kind reminder, Universe!




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