Swearing is not nice but helps things let go

Yesterday I bumped with my back in the attick door. It was hurting like a hell and I admit at such times I am swearing like the one eyed pirate sailing the oceans (I saw that in the movies, don’t know if it is true :)). Although some might say, that talking like this is not appropriate for a nice lady as I am – I don’t care – swearing helps me let things go. In this case I was swering for a minute or even more, massaging my back and leaning on the door. Hey, it helped me that pain was bearable!

Also in  the world of deliberate creation, you have to let things go. I don’t like words like: have, must, should, because they imply kind of pressure and feeling of obligation. But as far I studied The Law Of Attraction, letting go is a must thing. 🙂

Being attached to the outcome, whatever that is: getting a raise,  a  job, new client, parking space, new friends, selling a house etc. shows to the Universe, that behind your “order” there is a fear of lack, fear that you’ll not get what you want. And The Universe matches that need behind not what you think you “think”. Attachment looks like you are thinking about that thing all the time and there is also a feeling of neediness present.

Just remember, when the things happen – when you release the attachment, when you forget (but not give up) about your cosmic order. Look back at your life and recall your manifestations. Getting money when you completely forgot about it, meeting a new love, when you just had fun in life without “seeking” for the one, getting parking lot – phew, exactly where you intented to find it and so on.

Let go, let go. Sometimes it helps if you simply f*** it!

If you have your own recipes for letting things go, please share them: I would love to have more tools in my manifesting tool box.


p.s. Ah, the same goes for complaining – if it helps to let things go, just do it. (although I would be suspicious about your belief, when it is a constant complaint, but more on this topic next time).


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cara Stein
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 19:25:49

    Great post! Letting go is one thing I struggle with. My natural impulse seems to be fear/control freak, but I’m learning that worrying and micromanaging take a lot of energy and really don’t help anyway. Thanks for this, and thanks for the comment on my blog. I’d be honored to be on your blogroll–thank you!


  2. kosmobarbara
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 22:13:10

    Hi Cara, thank you for stopping by. I really feel priviliged by you commenting on my posts. Yes, I know the feeling of being or wanting to control everything. I recognized recently, that I was constantly on guard…. like someone will discover that I am not good enough, not valuable etc. if I will be off guard.
    This is connected with our deep false identites we developed as small kids….When you recognize this, you see that you have other possibilites too and do so called re-parenting. Looks like there is enough material for another post 😉


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