Listen to your words

Scientists say that we think around 50.000 thoughts daily. Now, if we want to use the Law of Attraction in our advantage, we have to start observing our thoughts. Our minds are like a garden, we have to take care for it that it will be able to flourish.  Planting positive thoughts, watering and nourishing them, adding new thoughts which will support the firstly planted, removing stones, rocks and weed – that kind of work is required.

Believe that with planting good seeds in the shape of positive thoughts you will get a beautiful flower. We don’t put the seed in the soil and think “Ah, it will never come out.” Or?

It is very important, that we know, what is in our garden, what kind of thoughts are we thinking. Start observing, what are your thoughts and beliefs* about:

1. Life in general

2. People

3. Relationships

4. Money

5.  what ever you want to manifest in your life

It is possible, that some of our beliefs are like rocks in the soil, preventing the plant to come out….When we remove it, the planted positive thought has a chance to manifest.

And now you might say: “Yes, and how possibly can I observe 50.000 thoughts, which are daily racing through my head?”. It is true, this is impossible (or it is just my limiting belief 😉 ? ).

It helps, when we listen to what we are talking. This is the easiest way to notice, what  are we REALLY thinking about the certain area of our life. Words are our thoughts spoken out loudly. Friends can support us with giving feedback if they notice the belief which might not serve us as it should.

I’m listening carefully. When I am speaking with friends, parents, co-workers, people on the street. I give special attention to areas, which are not working in my life  – with the intention to remove those rocky beliefs which are preventing my wishes to manifest.


* belief is nothing else than a prevailing thought about something or someone.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aquatom1968
    Nov 27, 2010 @ 21:02:30

    Hello… you write as I think! As such, I’ve added your blog to my recommendations page on my blog – I hope you don’t mind! I love to read about different ideas and ways of thinking, and I have a ‘connection’ with the Law of Attraction myself (well, everyone does, really!) I can remove the link if you would prefer it not to be there, but please let me know! I am always on the look-out for things that help me to feel good! 🙂


  2. kosmobarbara
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 19:16:56

    Hello dear aquatom1968! I am happy you stopped by. And that you like what I am writting 🙂 I am very flattered that you put my blog on recommendation page on yours and of course I am very happy that the link is there.

    This is funny. I just came from other part of the country and during the ride I was imagining that I have a sun in my heart (image of sun instead of heart). And with checking the e-mails I found your comment with the sunny avatar!! Yay! 😀


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